Welcome to Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc.. We are a complete waste facility created to satisfy the specific needs of our unique client base and the industrial and production markets. Absolute prides itself on client satisfaction and waste minimization. We work closely with our clients to provide services and options that will satisfy their needs while benefiting their clients. We accomplish this by encouraging every client to discuss their individual needs and goals with our team and complete a facility survey that we employ in the development of a comprehensive waste facility.

Environmentally Responsible
Product Recovery

Absolute Environmental Waste Management Inc. is committed to providing our clients with experienced, efficient and reliable means to dispose of their waste product while minimizing environmental footprint through effective waste handling. Absolute pushes the boundaries of conventional waste management, we implement solutions that will effectively re-use waste materials through product recovery, recycling and treatment. This ideology guides Absolute and our mission to dramatically reduce the volume of waste that requires disposal.

The waste management facility is 26 acres of heavy industrial zoned land with direct connection to the Yellowhead highway,the North East leg of the Anthony Henday Ring Road and a major pipeline T.U.C. The site is a transportation hub that includes CN and CP access on private rail and is adjacent to refinery row and 20 kilometers south of Alberta's Oil and Gas Heartland located in Fort Saskatchewan.